About Us

Wine Net Ltd is a small, independent wine merchant with premises in Chelmsford, Essex.

The majority of our business is wholesale supplying wines to restaurants, pubs, wedding venues and businesses in and around Essex. As well as supplying wine, Wine Net offers a variety of other services to support our customers, such as staff training, managing wine lists, wine tastings, and printing, to name a few.

In the retail sector, Wine Net has a thriving and lively private customer business. We have a growing number of customers who seek us out to give expert advice on wines for their parties, dinners and other special occasions. We listed a limited number of wines which change on a regular bases to reflect the seasons and any new trend. To ensure every wine remains  great value for money for our customers compared to the high street retailer we only sell wines in cases of 6 bottles with a minimum order of 12 bottles per delivery.

Listed below is our current wine selection, all priced pre calculating the 6 bottle discount.

Wine Range

Red Wine Selection
Ladera Verde MerlotChile£7.00
Pato Torrentes Cabernet SauvignonChile£7.00
Vicuna MalbecChile£7.50
Wide River Cape ShirazS Africa£8.00
Rowlands Brook ShirazAustralia£8.25
Los Coches Pinot NoirChile£8.25
Amanti PrimitivoItaly£8.45
Montepulcian d'Abruzzo Conte di CastelvecchioItaly£8.75
La Pampas Mendoza Shiraz & MalbecArgentina£8.95
Le Petit Balthazar Merlot Vin de PaysFrance£8.95
Rioja Joven Bodegas BagordiSpain£8.95
Côtes du Rhône Vieilles VignesFrance£9.50
La Pampas Mendoza MalbecArgentina£9.50
Rioja Crianza Bodegas VegaSpain£11.00
Gougueheim Pinot NoirArgentina£12.25
Fleurie Presidente MargueriteFrance£12.50
Ch Tour de Bel Air Montagne de St EmilionFrance£14.50

White Wine Selection
Ladera Verde Sauvignon BlancChile£7.00
Pato Torrentes ChardonnayChile£7.00
Wide River Cape Chenin BlancS Africa£7.25
Amanti Pinot Grigio Italy£7.50
Amori Pinot GrigioItaly£7.50
Rowlands Brook ChardonnnayAustralia£8.00
Freedom Cross Cape Sauvignon BlancS Africa£8.00
Los Coches ViognierChile£8.25
Le Petit Balthazar Viognier & Sauvignon Vin de PaysFrance£8.95
Rioja Blanco Bodegas BagordiSpain£9.50
Picpoul de Pinet Emma LouiseFrance£9.75
Topuku Marlborough Sauvignon BlancNZ£10.00
Pecorino Noi CentoItaly£11.00
Pask Gimblett Gravels Sauvignon BlancNZ£12.00
Gavi di Gavi ManfediItaly£14.50
Petit Chablis Domaine ManantsFrance£15.75
Sancerre Domaine DaulnyFrance£17.00
Chablis Domaine ManantsFrance£18.50

Rosé Wine Selection
Amanti Pinot Grigio RoséItaly£7.50
Amori Pinot Grigio BlushItaly£7.50
Foxcover White Zinfandel BlushUSA£7.50
Le Petit Balthazar Cinsault Paysd'Oc RoséFrance£8.95
Domaine Houchart Cotes de Provence RoséFrance£12.50

Champagne & Sparkling Wines
Amori PoroseccoItaly£10.95
Baron de Beaupré Champagne BrutFrance£25.00
Baron de Beaupré Champagne RoséFrance£35.00